HN Random Time Waster of the Day: Imoji

Recently I introduced you to centaur selfies and this week I’m unveiling an App guaranteed to waste even more time. It’s called Imoji and it is awesome.

Here is the basic home screen. You can create your Imoji via web images, choosing an existing photo, or taking a photo.

First, my husband sent me one of my lovely Quarter Horse.

Then I tried and sort of failed.

Imagine the great George Morris popping up on your phone in the warm-up ring. His face says it all.

If you need a little “straight up baller” encouragement before a cross country round, send a Horse Nation Wylie Imoji.

This App could revolutionize equestrian emoticon texting! #thatsathing

Show us your best equestrian Imoji in the comments section!

Go Riding!


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