Adorably Tiny Jodhpurs for Adorably Tiny Babies

Just because it’s almost too cute to handle.

Top image: Wikimedia Commons/ CC

Jessica Baxley’s cabin, where she lives with her husband and 18-month-old daughter, is surrounded by South Carolina horse country. Think rolling pastures, hunter shows, and…ADORABLE LEADLINE CLASSES.

But Jessica couldn’t find any jodhpurs to fit her daughter’s “stringbeany” shape.

“I think the smallest size jods they make are like 2. I swear you could have fit two of her in there!” she said.

So she made her own. It took a bit of trial and error, but the final product…well, how could you NOT give that kid and her pony a ribbon?


Jessica posted her designs on Facebook and suddenly, other moms started contacting her looking for something similar for their kids–not just for leadline, but just for the cuteness factor. So she made some more.


“I wasn’t expecting this to go beyond a couple moms, but I got an overwhelming response from a couple hundred people,” she said, “I think all moms just like to dress their baby up, especially if they ride and it’s cute horsey stuff.”

Growing up with a mom who often made costumes for her growing up, Jessica always had a basic fluency in sewing. She experimented with different fabrics–a heavier-weight ribbed fabric  for a more traditional look,  as well as a lightweight, comfortable jersey fabric. And though safety regulations aren’t terribly strict for low-volume operations like hers, she still tries to be compliant, which means no buttons or other features that could be hazardous to a toddler.

Now, Jessica is riding the wave and seeing where it takes her. She’s started a Facebook page called Tiny Riders: Attire for the Future Equestrian, and sent out tester jodphurs up to size 3T so she can adapt her patterns based on feedback.

Meanwhile, her daughter is perfectly turned out to master the basics of rocking horse equitation.


Say it with me, Horse Nation: Awwww.

All photos from Tiny Riders: Attire for the Future Equestrian unless otherwise noted



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