Unexpected Perks of Horseback Riding: Reader Edition!

Last weekend you all seemed to like the 10 Unexpected Perks of Horseback Riding–and you came up with some pretty brilliant perks of your own.

Top image: Wikimedia Commons: Rick Cooper/ CC

Horseback riding teaches you all kinds of obscure skills, from how to pack a hoof to how to put a bridle together. Most of the time, those skills are kind of useless in the everyday world. But sometimes, there are some benefits of equestrianism that carry over through all aspects of your life. Here are your favorites from our Facebook feed:

It’s completely acceptable for you and all of your earthly possessions to be covered in hair, dirt and slobber.–Lauren Aston


Wikimedia Commons: José Goulão /CC

You can wrap a sprained ankle better than your doctor. AND you get to use your pretty standing wraps, not that boring old ace bandage!–Aradia Diane Willard

Youtube: Greenhawkinc

You know how and when to use a whip.–Erin Maguire


Just dangle it down to keep hounds from stepping under your horse’s feet…what else would you use it for?
Wikimedia Commons: Luna04/CC

Your dog and horse now speak the same language.–Db Rast


Flickr: PhotKing /CC

You don’t need a vet or a doctor for many animal and human ailments. Poultice, liniment and vet wrap are always in your medicine cabinet.–Susan Klotz


Flickr: Marcin Wichary/ CC

You never need to wonder where the money goes.–Les Brill

money meme

And of course…buns of steel!–Dar Sikora

Youtube: JamesRShaw1111

You guys are genius.

Go Riding!

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