3 Equestrian Reality Shows on Youtube to Binge-Watch This Weekend

Why has no one decided to make a reality TV show about barn drama? Seriously!

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Money, passion, danger–horseback riding has all the right ingredients for a primetime reality TV show. Rodeo Girls was a start…admittedly, a terrible start…but it could be so much more! Ok, maybe a lay audience wouldn’t really care about the difference between a CWD and an HDR, but still.

There are a few amazing shows on Youtube aimed at equestrians that totally scratch that reality TV itch. Enjoy:

Evention: Along for the Ride

We’ve often featured Evention videos here on Horse Nation, and how can you not love the Schramms? They’re two professional riders with Rolex dreams, but their feet are firmly planted in the daily realities of running a boarding and training stable. Their Q&A and tutorial videos brought them to the Youtube limelight, but now they’ve got an entirely new series that gives you a peek into their lives, from the struggles of campaigning upper-level event horses to Jimmie’s attempts to make a redneck pool for Dom’s birthday. And unlike your typical reality TV show, you might actually learn something useful, as there are several clips of lessons and training sessions in the series.

Dom’s dreamy Australian accent doesn’t hurt either. Just sayin’.



Have you ever wished there was an equivalent of MTV Cribs for the show barns of Wellington? Well, wish no more, and enter the world of jumpers and dressage at the Winter Equestrian Festival. This series from Horse Junkies United tracks several young riders, ranging from college girls lucky enough to have five horses and parents financing their horse show dreams to adult amateurs taking vacation time off to compete. Though the production quality is not always great, the show transports you to a world few get to see up close, with each of the 20 episodes featuring a little something different–from tours of barns with tack rooms you would want to live in to show footage and videotaped lessons with top trainers.


Swapping Saddles
English or Western–who will prove the better rider when a hunter princess and a rough-and-tumble barrel racer compete against each other? And will they actually–gasp–end up enjoying a change of discipline? Spoiler alert: no, and there is plenty of catty commentary along the way, all moderated by host Tiffany Rose in her gloriously inappropriate footwear for the barn.
Part 1:

Part 2:

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