Wednesday Helmet Cam, Presented by World Equestrian Brands: Utah Adventure

Take a minute-and-a-half break from work to join reader Joshua LeVitre and his horse Jax on a exhilarating dash across the countryside.

Joshua is an equine videographer and horse enthusiast from Salt Lake City, Utah. His horse Jax is a 10-year-old palomino paint horse that enjoys distance rides urban excursions and competing at reining. Josh writes, “Here is a video I put together after getting a new GoPro Hero action camera this week. It’s of me and my best friend Jax doing what we both love to do most: riding. You may remember Jax from the 4th of July when he was painted up like the American flag.


“We ride everywhere, from the city to up in the mountains to down by the marshland. I hope you and my fellow Horse Nation followers will enjoy this unique perspective.”

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Go World Equestrian Brands and Go Riding!



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