Ready for Another Pony Club Quiz?

Dust off those Pony Club manuals, because it’s Trivia Tuesday!

In the blank next to the following sentences place a Y for yes if it is correct, and a N for no if it is not correct.

1. ____ After you have had a fall you can tell by visual inspection if your helmet has been damaged

2. ____ In Dressage the gait at which imperfections are most evident is the walk.

3. ____ When a hound “feathers” in foxhunting it indicates that he is on or near a line.

4. ____ At a rally, it is acceptable to the HM judges if you stand on a bale of hay to braid your horse.

5. ____ At a rally a bungee cord may be used to secure a bucket.

In the blanks write the letter of the word that best fits from the following list:

A. Colt

B. Ermine

C. Foal

D. Hoof wall

E. White Line

F. Green

G. Brachial

6. The part of the hoof that you see when the pony is standing on four feet next to you is the ______

7. ____ is a female or male baby horse under one year old.

8. The ____ is found where the hoof wall meets the sole.

9. A pony that is untrained or inexperienced might be referred to as _____.

10. Dark spots found in a pony’s white stocking are called _____ spots .

Got your answers?


Here you go!

1. N

2. Y

3. Y

4. Y

5. N

6. D

7. C

8. E

9. F

10. B

How’d you do?  Were you a trivia master?


Or do you need to do a little studying?

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Come back every week to test them skillz.

Go Riding!

Images © Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.


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