Weekly Watering Hole, Presented by Horse Quencher: From Estonia, With Love

Random hot dudes making love to the camera while swimming around on horses in their underpants. Why? Who cares!

Reader Hanna-Maija of Helsinki, Finland sent this video our way. “Dear wonderful people of Horse Nation, you might appreciate this ad from Estonia,” she writes. “Apparently they offer hacks, swimming with horses as well as yoga. Or so I have been told. Must be said, very appealing on a hot summer’s day.”


No kidding! Sold! Where do we sign up?

As if this mesmerizing video montage isn’t convincing enough, the island of Saaremaa itself seems pretty enchanting. According to VisitEstonia.com, this idyllic resort destination is known for its “stone fences, thatched roofs, working windmills and homemade beer.” It is also home to an intact medieval castle and Europe’s largest meteorite crater.

Most importantly, of course, it appears to be inhabited by horses and smokin’ hot scantily-clad men. Thank you, Hanna-Maija, for this special gift.

The remix:







Go Riding.

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