Best of Craigslist: ‘Wanted: Herd of Mouse Killing Cats for a night’

Will somebody in southwest Minnesota please loan this poor person their barn cats for 24 hours? He/she sounds desperate.

Many thanks to blogger Snarky Rider for sending this one our way!

Wanted: Herd of Mouse Killing Cats for a night (SW Minnesota)

Wanted: Herd of Mouse Killing Cats or other tame animal that will kill a mouse. This isn’t any ordinary mouse, it is actually Mousezilla. This mouse has got to be one of the smarter mice in its species and my biggest fear is that it will pass down its gene pool to countless other mice. First of all we have laid out glue traps for weeks, and to no avail, it just goes around them. It has also left droppings and has avoided 3 cats that live in our residence. It has also become brazen enough to come out in the middle of the day while we are in the room. Who knows what MOUSEZILLA will do next! Out of complete fear of this horrible creature I have come to as I know there are some cats out there that will be up for the task. Once the job is done the cats will be promptly returned…. I don’t want to keep the cats as pets, I am not going to be that house with a million cats. I have attached a drawing of mousezilla to get your cats prepared for the hunt.


A few more for ya! This one is looking for a “bridal with snapple bit.” From Katie:



From Christy: “Was this the only picture they had?”



Another great photo and priceless description from Angel:

Horse For Sale – $1900

I have this nice,rapid and fast horse for sale.It is a horse,not a mare.


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