‘We Don’t Have Tack For That’ Presented by ThinLine: Etsy Riding Crop Edition

We’ve checked out helmets, boots and breeches on Etsy — today we run a search for riding crops and discover 50 shades of FAIL.

Top image: Chestnut Leather Bondage Cuffs via Etsy store DogandHoop.

Well, folks, we always knew that if we kept going down the Etsy rabbit hole it was going to come to this.


Here we go…

Has your horse been very, very naughty? Perhaps he needs a spanking with a Claw Crop. (Just kidding — please do not spank your horse, or anybody for that matter, with a Claw Crop.)




Cherry red with a handle encrusted with hundreds of black Swarovski crystals, this Swarovski Crystal Leather Riding Crop seems like a win for someone with black-and-red cross-country colors…


…but I’m not sure that “event rider” is the target demographic.


The description of this Crystal Riding Crop (so pretty, right?) notes, “This item is possibly not suitable for outdoor equestrian use, more suitable for indoor use or display.” So… does that mean covered arenas are OK?


Your horse will never dream of refusing a jump when you’re carrying this Long Stainless Steel Riding Crop:


This is perhaps even more frightening: Vintage Leather Riding Whip w/ Dog Head.



Trade your boring old fly whisk in for this Horse Hair Riding Crop:


I actually think this 12 inch Rainbow Glitter Riding Crop is really cute and unique:


But my horse might not appreciate it:


Etsy fail.

ThinLine pads cannot prevent the misappropriation of riding crops on Etsy, but they WILL keep you and your horse performing at your best. ThinLine pads use non-compression technology to dissipate impact and pressure, creating a more comfortable riding experience for you and your horse.


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Go ThinLine, and Go Riding!


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