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Who doesn’t love haul videos? I spend a lot of time (too much!) looking up beauty hauls, but now I’ve found a new addiction: tack hauls!Top image of USG Ear Bonnet from

Meet SmartPaker Mollie and her horse, Eden. Mollie and Eden recently switched from the hunter world to the jumper world, so of course this meant that they needed some new equipment.

There’s lots of goods to be envious of in Mollie’s tack haul video. First up, an Antares Figure 8 Bridle:


SmartPak’s Favorite Features:

  • Delicate off white fancy stitching on the noseband
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Buckle closures
  • 1/2″ cheeks
  • 3/4″ browband
  • 1/2″ noseband with 2″ wide leather disc
  • Includes 3/4″ fancy raised rubber reins with leather rein stoppers

What better way to make sure your white jumper breeches stay clean while you’re at a show? Fortunately, Smartpak just started carrying an RJ Classics Garment Bag:


SmartPak’s Favorite Features:

  • Black nylon straps.
  • Snaps and shoulder strap which allow the garment bag to be folded, and easily carried.
  • Front zipper for additional storage.

What else does Mollie unbox from her SmartPak order? We all know that once you’ve switched to jumpers, your options for saddle pads become much broader. Mollie made sure to order a SmartPak Lite AP Saddle Pad to add to her jumper pad collection:


SmartPak description:

We thought about what we want, as riders, when we’re shopping for saddle pads. Then we brought it to life. Outstanding quality, classic styles and unbeatable prices.

Perfect for schooling, this poly/cotton blend pad is lightweight and breathable. 21 3/4″ spine x 20″ drop.

There’s plenty more tack envy to be had in the rest of Mollie’s haul video. Be sure to check out the full video to get her thoughts as she unwraps everything and see what else she’s added to her new jumper tack collection.

Go SmartPak!


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