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#HorseHour is more than just a Twitter tag–it’s a global movement. Check out the details and join the conversation!

Ever wish there was a way to connect instantaneously and globally with your fellow equestrians all over the planet? Thanks to Holly and Jan of Janette Moss Horse Wear in Essex, England, we have such a tool–the HorseHour hashtag and HorseHour itself, 8 PM to 9 PM every Monday in British time. This simple little Twitter idea, started in October of 2013, has taken right off and attracts thousands of followers each week for  equestrian discussion, the trading of ideas (as well as goods and horses!) and global networking.

How does HorseHour work?

At 8 PM British time on Mondays, equestrians all over the world log in to their Twitter accounts and start tweeting using the hashtag #HorseHour. They find each other by using the same hashtag in the search engine, bringing up all of the tweets tagged accordingly–people can choose which conversations they’d like to join by tagging each other in each tweet. There is no set agenda for any of these hours; the user @HorseHour helps nudge conversations along when necessary but otherwise the equestrians of Twitter decide where they’d like each HorseHour to go. Common points of discussion are training problems and ideas, horses and equipment for sale or trade, or the encouraging of support and followers for worthy causes. It’s also a great opportunity for small equine business to get comfortable with social media and gain followers.

Why HorseHour?

HorseHour’s founders, Holly and Jan, realized that the equine world needed a worthwhile way to connect while tapping into the unlimited potential of social media as a business tool. HorseHour always was and will continue to be a tool for small equine business to get their foot in the door in the social media world–where else can a business reach out to thousands of followers all at once and start a conversation? Social media, after all, isn’t like traditional marketing, where a message is broadcast into the world with the hopes that consumers will respond. Social media is meant to be a give-and-take, a conversation, with both the business and the consumer learning, benefitting and evolving from the trade of information.

What happens when HorseHour is over?

The account @HorseHour continues to tweet throughout the week, sharing important information, photos and stories from followers all around the world. A lot of these messages are sincere thank-you notes from various business and horse organizations who have greatly benefitted from the Monday evening conversation, fostering connections and building networks all across the internet. It’s a great place to find some of the latest headlines as well as uplifting stories from the horse world.

Want to join?

HorseHour takes place every Monday:
Great Britain: 8 PM
USA: East Coast: 3 PM
Central: 2 PM
Mountain: 1 PM
West Coast: Noon
New Zealand: 7 AM
Australia: 5 AM (good morning!)

Join the conversation this week!


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