20 Signs You’re Secretly a Horse-Crazy Kid Trapped in an Adult Body

Board bills. Farrier fees. Some parts of riding as an adult are not so fun…but we do it all because deep inside of all of us there is a little kid screaming PONIES!!!

[Top image: When I thought it would be hysterical to buy pink plaid breeches for $5.]

Some of us may be able to pass as normal adults. We have a double life, managing to camouflage our particular brand of crazy in a world where for some reason it is not normal to accentuate your outfit with streaks of dewormer. We have barn clothes, and work clothes, and never the twain shall meet.

Others fly their equestrian flag proudly, shedding bits of hair and God-knows-what from their boots wherever we tread. No matter how far below the surface your inner horse-crazy kid lives,  he or she makes it possible to mow fields for hours, work office jobs to pay board, and somehow manage to fit in things like eating and showering occasionally. Even though there are some times when your inner child makes you seem a little weird to others.

Such as…

When you bring your barn jacket to the office just so you can get a little whiff of horse.

When you doodle ponies in meetings.


When you chat with coworkers about their weekends and it all just sounds so…boring…

When you try out new hairstyles with your fly whisk.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 10.24.20 PM

Sexy librarian–yes. High ponytail–maybe. Chunky bangs–NO. Thanks fly whisk!


When you share carrots with your horse.

When you share carrot cake with your horse.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 11.40.59 PM


When you buy silly things to make your wildest childhood dreams come true.

When you come into some extra cash, and think of it in terms of how many lessons it will buy you.

When you sneak out of work a little early to ride while there’s still light.

When you’re tempted to run through the ring watering sprinkler on a hot day.

When you find yourself talking horses with your barn buddies WAY past when you should be getting home.

When you have to stay at the barn overnight for a sick or pregnant horse, and there’s a little part of you pretending it’s a Saddle Club sleepover.

When you have to take selfies with your horse. #BFFs


[Instagram: miriamlidbrandt]

When your collection of saddle pads borders on the absurd.

When you and your horse coordinate outfits.


[Flickr: John Harwood/CC]

When you get to ride a naughty pony, and you burst into laughter when it bucks or tries to take off with you.

When you get to ride a saintly pony and you know that he is literally worth his weight in gold.


[Flickr: ceiling/CC]

When you realize you may have put more thought into your horse’s show name than your child’s actual name.

When you can’t seem to get rid of those old Breyers…or your first pair of riding boots…or your first saddle…


[Flickr: David Blaine /CC]

And of course, when you indoctrinate the next generation to carry on in your (muddy) footsteps.


[Flickr: net_efekt/ CC]

Got any more to add to the list? Share in the comments below!

And Go Riding!

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