Best of Craigslist: ‘Line back red dunn gelding!’

Cowboy with death wish sold separately. What is this guy thinking?!?!?!

Many thanks to Lauren for sending this one our way with the note, “This is just crazy!”



Indeed, Facebook is fast closing in on Craigslist in terms of cray-cray ads. Here’s another feat of completely unnecessary derring-do:



Another Facebook ad from Julia: “Who knew horses needed to do equations? Seems like a calculator would be cheaper.”



From Cat: “Here’s an ad that had me a bit confused. Maybe she’s an appendix?”

Horse for sell – $2500 (Caddo Mills)

A beautiful thoroughbred she is registered in the quarter horse association she is 3 years. She already knows about the sattle.



Our “Typo(s) of the Week” award goes to…

10 year old mare – $300 (cannon)

good broke rideing mair…lot a trailrideing and highways…looks to have alot of guarter horse in her anyone can ride her



What has been seen on Craigslist can never be unseen:

Horses for sale – $5000

For sale beatiful horses , potrillos and maquillas the kind of horses are Frehsian and Andalushian if you have interested call me at any time all the were and I can show you



Melanie writes, “Stumbled across this gem on Facebook today. First she mentions that she’s trained the horse to rear, which is always a red flag in my books. Then she later says he doesn’t rear? But the photo clearly shows him rearing. Which one is it?”



From Kristi:

Racing Horse – $2000 (Franksville)

AQHA registered. This horse was born in 2008 and will be 6 at the end of the month. The horse has been used for racing but is gentle enough to ride if you only want to do that. Asking $2000 OBO. Have proof of registration.



Public service announcement: Punctuation exists for a reason. “Needs a hell rider”? From Marjean:

Beautiful Thoroughbred – $800 (powells point nc)

This thoroughbred is the sweetest horse I owned. Follows you everywhere you go. Hes only greenbroke so hell need an expereinced rider. He saddles great and responds well to leg commands. Only need more riding. Call or txt if interested.



And last not but least, some “magical horse poop” from Angel:

Magical Horse Poop (horse manure) Free! (Argyle/Denton)

Why fertilize your garden with just any horse manure, when you can come to our place in Argyle and get superior quality horse waste free for the taking!

Why do we consider our horse manure magical? Because it’s produced daily by our special “magical” therapy horses at New Hope Equine Therapy in Argyle, Texas. These horses receive a diet of the highest quality coastal hay and Purina feeds, that they exactingly post-process into our raw product. We then age the manure up to 3 day’s in a “free range” paddock environment before it’s lovingly hand scooped and added to our compost heap. This manure is seasoned with just the right amount of additional dirt, grass and leaves at NO additional charge.

Why is this superior product being given away free? It’s just our way of giving back to the gardening community… we’re a fan of beautiful flora and fauna, and feel it would be unfair to keep all this good stuff to ourselves. But… it’s only free if you load it yourself. If you need us to load a trailer or pickup bed with my tractor, we charge $20. And we are a non-profit organization, so donations are always greatly appreciated.

Even if you don’t need our “magical” horse poop for your garden, you’ll find it has a multitude of uses.

– Politicians can use it in their political campaigns!
– Makes a great potpourri for Cowboy/Cowgirl “wanna be’s”
– Smear it on your boots to get that sexy “just walked in a pasture” aroma
– Great stocking stuffer for your least favorite niece/nephew or mother-in-law
– Some Texas football coaches have been known to use this as a Game Day brain substitute (not a recommended application)

Pickup by appointment only. Reply to this email ad or text to arrange pickup.

To donate to our cause, or just find out more about New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy, and what our therapy horses really do, please visit our website at:


Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.



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