‘We Don’t Have Tack For That,’ Presented by ThinLine

A trendy New York design co. called Horse+Nail is making handbags out of bits and selling them for nearly a grand apiece.

While they’re a bargain compared to the designer horsey handbags we featured earlier this year in Part I (the top seller was a $8,700 purse by Gucci), it’s still a big stretch for a purse. Especially since we all know what happens to purses that belong to horsegirls:


Reader Amanda Braun, who sent us the tip about Horse+Nail, explains, “At first I thought her designs might be interesting. The price tag made my mouth drop.”

Better hold up your chin for this, Horse Nation:


The Scout” by Horse+Nail: $845


The Hackney” by Horse+Nail: $875


The Meghan by Horse+Nail: $960

The Morgan Bucket Bag by Horse & Nail: $760

The Morgan Bucket Bag by Horse+Nail: $760

"The Rider Backpack" by Horse & Nail,

The Rider Backpack by Horse+Nail: $875

"The Lexington Clutch" by Horse & Nail, $675.

The Lexington Clutch by Horse+Nail: $675

OK, that clutch is pretty cute, but for $695? No thanks. We consulted with Horse Nation’s Equestrian Lifestyle Editor, Horsenista, who responded with an emphatic NO as well: “If I’m going to spend $1,000 on leather… it ain’t gonna be on a handbag.”

Ever crafty, Horsenista suggests making your own version using this free “no-sew” pattern offered on Huckleberry Love. If you’ve got an old bit laying around the whole thing should set you back about $5. She walks us through the process:

The whole thing took me less than 15 minutes to complete. You simply cut an old pillowcase on the diagonal and hem the edges…

Then with a few clever folds here and there and some Stitch Witch ($5 at Walmart)…

Bada bing, new handbag!

I finished mine off by tying it together with an O-ring snaffle bit.  A craftier person could sew on buttons to hold the bit, but I simply knotted the pillowcase to the rings.

The possibilities for this design, though, are endless.  I think it would be super cute to try for a baby pad version.

And wouldn’t it be cool to make one from a race horse saddle towel?

 Now we’re talking!

ThinLine pads can’t stop you from dropping a grand on a purse that you could pretty much make yourself for $5, but they WILL keep you and your horse performing at your best. ThinLine pads use non-compression technology to dissipate impact and pressure, creating a more comfortable riding experience for you and your horse.


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Go ThinLine, and Go Riding!




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