10 True Equestrian Confessions

Horses are an all-consuming force of nature that alter every aspect of our lives, but maybe it’s time to fess up. Here are 10 of my true equestrian confessions.

10. If my horse has a small cut, temperature, or “just seems off” I rush him to the vet; however, I was unable to justify a trip to the doctor for broken ribs and a pretty messed up face. #TrueStory

9. I secretly invade local soccer fields to practice gymnastic lines and gallop intervals when the kids aren’t playing.

8. I have used a brush normally reserved for grooming on my own hair with decent results.

7. I no longer notice my constant scent of horse, fly spray, sunscreen and dust. Even my husband finds it odd when I don’t smell like a barnyard.


6. I don’t trust equestrians with pretty, manicured nails or super clean clothes.

5. My legs are at least five shades lighter than my arms… at the beginning of summer.


4. I have chatted with a horse on Twitter and got a thrill out of it despite the fact that I know horses can’t really Tweet. @DonasTheHorse

3. When people complain about their “high-maintenance” cats and dogs, I shoot some epic side-eye.


2.  When it rains for more than two days in a row and I can’t ride, I get super grumpy.

1. I love my life and wouldn’t trade places with anyone in the world.

How about it Horse Nation?  Got any true equestrian confessions?

Go Riding!


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