Welcome to Horse Nation, Hamilton BioVet!

We are very excited to announce our newest member of the Horse Nation sponsor dream team, Hamilton BioVet.

Our horses work hard for us, and we as their owners and handlers are dedicating to repaying them with the very best care possible. Hamilton BioVet understands this, and the proof is in their products.

Their mission statement:

Hamilton Biovet is dedicated to introducing groundbreaking therapies to equine veterinarians and horse owners. We are the same team that invented the Equitainer which transformed the breeding industry. While we continue to offer our world renowned Equitainer family of products, we are expanding our product line to launch state of the art therapeutic and diagnostic solutions into the equine market.  Our wealth of equine experience allows us to source and create exciting new products that focus on effective therapy treatments for use by owners, handlers, and veterinarians to improve the wellness, performance, and ultimately the lives of the animals under their care.”

I was initially introduced to Hamilton BioVet when I heard about their line of STAYONS Instant Poultices through Horse Nation’s sister site, Eventing Nation.


STAYONS Instant Poultices

As an eventer myself, I know how important aftercare is following a big jump school, conditioning gallop or competition. Poulticing is a standard part of my routine but I always dread it — invariably, I end up getting the sticky clay everywhere and making a giant mess. At my last event I forgot to take off my wedding ring and their was poultice gunk in between the diamonds for weeks. (Thankfully, my husband has a sense of humor.) So when I read about the STAYONS Instant Poultice Leg Wraps (here’s a link to EN’s review) I was sold immediately. No muss, no fuss poultice wraps? A horseman’s dream come true. Also available: STAYONS Knee or Hock Wrap Support, STAYONS Hoof Wraps in EpsomClay/Epsom and Bran/Epsom, and STAYONS Poultice Boots to protect and secure the hoof wraps.

Here’s a video demonstration of how they work:

Of course, STAYONS Poultice Wraps are just the tip of the iceberg of Hamilton BioVet’s therapeutic offerings. Horses, as we all know, are innately self-destructive creatures. But with Hamilton BioVet’s arsenal of products on your side, you’ll be prepared to speed the healing of any injury your horse throws at you.

For the inevitable dings, cuts and scrapes that horses just can’t help from incurring, there are BandaFLEX Equine Bandages. These soft, flexible, breathable bandages are great for wounds or covering sutures as they are easy to apply and will stay put without sticking to the hair like adhesive tape. You can place a galloping boot over Bandaflex for riding or turnout, and they’re water resistant so they won’t get rigid, hard or over-tighten after wetting. Available in three sizes, they’re a must-have for any equine first-aid kid. Check out Eventing Nation’s review of them here.


BandaFLEX Equine Bandages

For the more serious stuff (think dreaded tendon and suspensory injuries, splints, muscle strains and tears, fractures and bone chip repair) as well as minor strains, bumps, bruises and inflammation, there’s UltrOZ Equine Ultrasound Therapy. Ultrasound therapy is scientifically proven to increase healing and provide pain relief, and the UltrOZ Elite  is the most effective and longest lasting means of providing clinically effective Low Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound (LITUS) — with FDA clearance. Attaching the device is quick and easy, and you can keep the hands-free treatment going for three to five hours without any active supervision required. They come in a portable case that is perfect for bringing to shows and giving your horse a little TLC after a big day.


Last but not least, there are the SpectraVET Therapeutic Lasers, which you’re already familiar with from our weekly “SpectraVET Performance of the Week.” To review, laser therapy is great for a variety of ailments, ranging from the open wounds to tendon and deep tissue injuries. The lasers are a staple of my horse’s acupuncturist’s treatment regime, as a non-invasive therapy that is flexible enough to treat small, specific areas with the infrared single-laser probe or larger muscle areas with the multi-laser probe. All high-performance barns ought to have one of these systems on hand to keep their equine athletes performing at their best.


SpectraVET Therapeutic Lasers

Hamilton BioVet offers several more canine and equine products — you can check out their full line of collections here and also keep up with news and more by liking their Facebook page here. They also FREE shipping on orders $70 or more as well as volume discounts for vets and farriers. Needless to say, Horse Nation is thrilled and honored to have Hamilton BioVet on board as a sponsor, as their mission aligns so closely with our own: keeping the horses we love healthy and happy.

Go Hamilton BioVet and Go Riding!


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