Horse Wins Race, Joy Ensues

Horse racing, by its very nature, creates some of the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows when cheering on your favorite horse. And when some people win big, their joy knows no bounds.

Top photo: Flickr/Sophie Benjamin/Creative Commons License.

Here are some of the best racing reactions from around the web:

1. Long Shot Insanity

TVG Host Ken Rudolph is the only one on his broadcast team to believe in a little regarded longshot named Giacomo in the 2005 Kentucky Derby. Needless to say, he is a little happy.

2. Big Brown = Big Cheers

When Big Brown powered down the stretch in the 2008 Preakness, the TVG announcers practically rode the horse for jockey Kent Desourmeax. Nothing like an Irishman swearing like a sailor down the stretch… (Editor’s note: Video contains, well, an Irishman swearing like a sailor down the stretch.)

3. West Point Thoroughbreds Owner Calls a Race

An actual voice mail from one of the partners in the racing partnership group, West Point Thoroughbred. They are right, I can remember the last time I had that much action. ūüėČ

4. Queen Sprints to Watch Her Horse Win

Even¬†the Queen of England isn’t exempt from the pure excitement of winning a race. Watch as she¬†puts aside “queenly manners” to make sure she sees her horse cross the finish line first.

Go Racing!


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