‘Weekly Watering Hole’ Presented by Horse Quencher: Beach Horses

Last week we asked readers how their horses would react if they saw the ocean. You sent in your videos and photos to show us!

The top photo is from Bridget Donnelly, who writes that her horse seemed to enjoy the waves: “Played in them, much to my surprise!”

Here are a few other photos and videos from HN readers:

Miki Przybylski: "My Mustang Mare 'Iskra' at the bay in San Diego.

Miki Przybylski: “My Mustang Mare ‘Iskra’ at the bay in San Diego.”


Annalisa Phillips: “He’d just chill… that or have a gallop!” (See helmet cam video below.)

Johnna Amber McCall

Johnna Amber McCall

Johnna Amber McCall

Johnna Amber McCall

Dianne Boomhower

Dianne Boomhower

Want to ride your horse on the beach? Reader Victoria Lachelle Henderson, who lives just outside Richmond, Virginia, recommends the Eastern Shore Trail Ride, a twice-annual ride in in Machipongo, Virginia. She rode her horse Jinx in it and says they both had a blast!

“It’s a 15-mile trail ride altogether, although there is a longer 22-mile version, with the option to go Saturday and Sunday (if you have any energy left),” Victoria explains. “The ride is limited to 250 people and benefits the local fire department. It was also my first time ever camping with horses, and it is such a rewarding experience! There is NOTHING in the world like going to sleep to the sound of your best friend quietly munching hay, and waking up to the sounds of hungry horses whinnying for breakfast.”

So, is riding on the beach everything it’s cracked up to be?

“If you ever have the opportunity to ride in the ocean, DO IT!,” she says. “No matter what discipline you ride in, just do it. It feels crazy, like each step the horse takes they are lifting their legs up really high (which explains my awkward upper body pumping). I think it’s something every equestrian should experience with their partner. When it was all said and done, we were completely soaked, covered in sand and salt, and exhausted… but you can bet I’ll be there again next year!”

A video of Victoria and Jinx cantering through the surf:

“When we went, there were license plates from all sorts of East Coast states, not just Virginia and Maryland like you would assume,” Victoria says. “The trails are really well marked, camping was a breeze, and meals are mostly provided. I can’t say enough good things about this ride. And I really mean it when I said any discipline can do this. This is what Jinx and I usually do on the weekends:”


OK, that is officially getting added to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing, Victoria! I checked out the website and it looks like there’s already a wait list for the fall ride, taking place the weekend of October 4, but keep your eye on the website for announcements of future rides.

Do you have a favorite place to ride on the beach? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below, email me at [email protected] or leave a post on Horse Nation’s Facebook page — photos and video are always a plus!

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