Meet Lajos Kassai, the Chuck Norris of Horseback Archery

This guy can juggle, throw axes and beat up punching bags — all while riding a horse bareback and bridleless.

Many thanks to reader Dorottya Magyar for the tip. Dorothy writes, “I regularly follow your posts and articles — they are fabulous. May I draw your attention to an interesting video about Lajos Kassai, the master of horseback archery. We usually say that he is the Hungarian Chuck Norris.”

Here at Horse Nation we take comparisons to Chuck Norris very, very seriously. In fact, only one mortal man has achieved this coveted distinction


…but after seeing this weirdly mesmerizing video of Lajos Kassai, we’re ready to induct one more equestrian into the club.

The video begins with a montage of Lajos’ CrossFit-esque training routine, which apparently takes place in a crater in his horses’ pasture, then segues into a showcase of his horse-riding skillz.

My favorite moments:

When it looks like Lajos is just running along, smacking on some speed bags, but then you realize he’s actually on a horse.


When Lajos blows us all away with this astonishing feat of hand-eye coordination:


When Lajos has horseback battle-axe target throwing practice.


You do NOT want to get on this guy’s bad side.


Want to acquire some Chuck Norris-on-horseback skills yourself? Lajos founded the Hungarian School of Horseback Archery, which has subsidiary branches worldwide. This was the fight method of the Huns, or ancient Hungarian people. At the school students are taught that technique alone cannot make you a “modern warrior” — it’s much deeper than that, man. You’ve got to be one with your horse, and the earth, and your bow.

Deep thoughts from Lajos, via the school website:

One cannot always perceive the rivers in his way through life. Sometimes, later, when you look back, you actually realize you destiny. I think we were born in this world not as “tabula rasa” but rather as the original destines of our souls, who have been forgotten, because of superfluous daily routine. Only those of us, capable of living without egoism, beyond the common sense, have the chance to find their soul again. Thus, I became bow craftsman. The bow was a thread of silk, as minute as a hair that I gathered and followed back to the world of my ancestors. My mind was full of horses, galloping in the steppes and arrows whizzing and snow-white yurts shining under the scorching sunlight. My inner realm was now revealed. I understood the revelation of my life. It was straight, a road leading to the ideals of horseback archery.”

That’s pretty intense. Many thanks to Dorottya for the tip. For more Hungarian horsiness, check out her website, the biggest horse forum and market of East-Central Europe.

Go Riding!


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