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The eventing portion of the North American Junior Young Rider Championships has officially kicked off, and the weekend promises to be full of action in Lexington, Kentucky.

Fleeceworks is one of the proud sponsors of the teams from Areas V and VI, which hail from the southern and western parts of the country.

Area V eventers. Photo via the Area V Young Riders Facebook page.

Area V eventers. Photo via the Area V Young Riders Facebook page.

Area V is sending four event riders to compete in the CH-J* division and two riders in the CH-Y** division:


Clara Cargile and White Indian (San Angelo, Tx)

Nicole Hatley and Ace (Tulsa, Ok)

Alyssa Phillips and Bliss III (Fort Worth, Tx)

Margaret Stocker and Second Hand Rose (Dallas, Tx)

Caroline Testi and Crimson Tide (Edmond, Ok)

Megan Wilson and Ghypsy (Roanoke, Tx)


Bailey Moran and Loughnatousa Caislean (San Antonio, Tx)

Katie Resnick and The King’s Spirit (Dallas, Tx)

Area VI eventers. Photo by Hawley Bennett-Awad.

Area VI eventers. Photo by Hawley Bennett-Awad.

Area VI is sending a total of six riders: five in the CH-J* and one in the CH-Y**:


Kiera Carter and Corinthoz (Canyon Country, Ca)

Elle de Recat and Pacino (Topanga, Ca)

Kate Lathrop and Worth the Wait (El Dorado Hills, Ca)

Lulu Shamberg (Santa Monica, Ca)

Kaylawna Smith and London Calling OHF (Murrieta, Ca)


Alexandra Willoughby and Tiki Car (Woodland, Ca)

Fleeceworks has sent the Young Riders packing to Kentucky equipped with saddle pads for multiple phases. For the dressage phase, riders will use the Fleeceworks Dressage Squarepad with Perfect Balance Technology. A big advantage of these pads is that they can be fitted with removable shims so that the pad can optimize saddle fit as your horse changes shape throughout a competition season. As mentioned before, nothing can beat a perfectly fitted saddle, but for the times when you need a little help these pads are ideal.

Fleeceworks Dressage

For the jumping phases, the riders will be using shaped pads with the same Perfect Balance Technology. Whether your running cross country or soaring over stadium fences, this pad will ensure the most comfort for your horse’s back and help with faster cool-down periods once the saddle is removed.

Fleeceworks Jumping

From the Fleeceworks website:

When faced with issues related to saddle fit or conformation Fleeceworks Perfect Balance pad technology remains the prefered choice. The combination of pure Australian  Sheepskin and the option of multiple types of inserts makes the perfect balance pad an essential piece of equipment in top barns.

For more information on these great products, be sure to visit the Fleeceworks website. Go riding, and go NAJYRC!



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