Best of Craigslist: ‘Girls for Horseback Riding video! (Lexington)’

“You’ll ride in fashion, costumes, with 1bikini scene.” Uh, my creepster alarm is going off. Plus much, much more!

Top photo: Flickr/James C./Creative Commons License. Not actually included with the ad.

Readers Megan V. and Katie H. both sent me a link to this one:

Girls for Horseback Riding video! (Lexington)

NEW! Hiring pretty girls for a horseback riding video.
You MUST have your own horse!

You’ll ride in fashion, costumes, with 1bikini scene
– 2hrs, $100hr, $200 cash, film in Lexington area

Ages 18-35yrs, models, amateurs, college girls
Size S-M, 1st time models welcome!

Reply with current photos, riding experience.
Now scheduling for late July, early Aug.


More creepiness from another reader: “This dude has posted at least twice. Although it’s not a horse, he’s apparently a “Horse guy” just looking for well… something? The fact he looks like Sam Elliot on crack is just an added bonus.”







From Megan H.: “Poor shitland ponies…”

3 ponies broke to ride & pull a cart – $100 (bath county)

3 ponies started under saddle & cart pulling, 2 mares &1 stud paint. 2yr olds committee.g along great. 1 shitland pony mare grulla dapple paint mare. 1 butterscotch flaskin mane re , 1 red & white paint stud.



From Ashley D.: “Saw this on Facebook today. What a fun story that child will have to tell when she ends up in the hospital! I just wonder how old she is?”



From Denise: “I was confused because I thought perhaps they meant a Black & White pony, which one clearly is not.  Then I thought it was a Black pony and a “Welch” pony. Reading the full ad and looking at the pictures didn’t help a lot.”


THEY ARE GELDING.The pony”s name is Sam and Black Beuty 8 and 7 year old,well broke but for experience rider.

Easy with the farrier,is about 10 a 9 hand tall.

We decide to rehome him because my kids ride our peruvian horses.

Thank you.




From Melissa B:

free horse (readington )

he is a 15.2 saddle bread his name is Red Tangerine he is a gelding he is a great horse. he is a chestnut he has a small kicking problem and he is under weight when we got him he only weighed 600 hundred pounds and now he weighs about 800 hundred. he rides English, western, and he drives( i have never diver him past owners did). He is gated all around good horse. he is free to a good home. he stands great for the farrier. i love him with all my heart but i have to get rid of him please don’t call or email me if you going to kill him. he must go to a home with a advanced or intermit rider



From Leah K.: “This seems like a fairly normal ad until you get to the second to last sentence and things start getting a little weird… so I had to send it along. Enjoy!”

Exciting Colt ~ Extreme Color ~ Extraordinary Style!

Another custom bred – one of a kind colt! Photo with his dam at just 3 months ~Other photos available but you have to send correct e-mail address-or call me to get website information or specific photos- Starlight is a white – black spot Leopard colt with Lightning – black leg markings and 6th generation of my breeding program. Ready to start training to ride- Genetic black color- Starlights SIRE IS ~ BC KFS EASTER STAR a.k.a. STARMAN. HE is by Kemos Fire Shadow x Pratts S Star IM. Entire pedigree is available on Photos of his first foals are also available. They are very nice, lots of color, leopard & blankets. Starman is white leopard with chestnut and black spots over entire body. Starman is registered with Appaloosa Horse Club, Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry, Sundance, & The Colorado Ranger Horse Association. His foals from Arabian mares are also eligible for registration in the International Half-Arabian Registry. His foals will be very athletic and excel in every thing from halter to show competition, to racing. Starlights dam is pictured here and is sired by a very successful endurance horse with the sire line of the worlds leading sire of BLACK Arabians. Priced with future breedings retained. I only offer colts for sale that I will breed to myself. Please don’t call if you intend to geld him!



From Andrea G.:

corrientes, saddle, red roan, trailers, ex wife, donkey – $10 (canton)

5 perfect black corrientes. horns a few inches past ears. good solid horn base mass. broke in the right way. all 5 exactly the same. straight, no head tricks, no drag, light on rope, turn with set and give you the perfect pattern. Do not let go of your head rope after the face or they will jump over the fence and bid you farewell. We broke them in, roped them two different days. My son and i only. They’ve been turned out for 5 weeks after being broke in. You better get your good head horse and practice for the us finals. They are wicked. Four are burners and 1 is just a little under mach 5 speed. You better have a good catch pen because they will haul ass to the next county. Wild eyed perfect little black beauties. All 5 are steers. They are in perfect health, guaranteed. They are not the tiny ones with horns barely ready to rope. I like mine a little bigger and broke in right. Get ready for the us finals. These are the steers that will get you there. October is right around the corner. Price is firm, no negotiation. If you treat em right they will last two years. Go buy a longhorn mix they will be dragging by the time the blackberries are gone. They probably won’t last through the day. Get the cash, hook up your trailer and drive to Canton. Call my cell when you get here and I will have them penned up and ready to go. If the bitch hadn’t left, no way I would sell. Need the cash today. the five of them are for 4,000 cash.

Red Roan–this horse was born on my ranch in ‘denton. He is out of a double hancock stud and a mare I did not like. He turned out pretty cool although his mother was worthless. He is a gelding and he was foaled in 2010. He has been ridden a million times. He has never bucked. He will get a little lazy and give you a few refusals and then u gotta bust his ass and he will straighten right up. ‘do not get him for a kid unless they are pretty handy. He will spend all day acting like he’s dumb until you gig em. He is the only horse I own that I enjoy putting the metal to every time I get on. He does it on purpose and he knows what he’s doing. He’s pretty damn smart. My son was heeling on him at NRS when he was 12. He rared in the box there one day that’s the only time. He has not been roped on in a year and a half because we moved ranches and were building a new pen. Ive headed on him a handful of times. He is not finished by any means, he is ready to leg back up, rope the smarty a day or two and put him in the practice pen. He is built like a dream and pretty. Long mane and tail. I will let him go today for 2000 bucks. He is a steal for that price. Do you realize what I have in him for the last 5 years. I ride all mine outside for a good while before they ever get backed in the box. I am picky. I do not train for others, just my own string. I am only letting 1 of that string go and you’d better move fast. Im sitting here wondering if I should go to the doctor because I should not let him go for that price. I will not negotiate and I will probably come to my senses by morning and pull him off of here if he is not sold today.

Roping donkey

I have a miniature donkey that is trained to be staked out and roped like a goat. He wears a halter, you tie a rope to the stake and put a swivel snap on the halter end. He will walk around for hours as you use a kid rope to set the trap. Pull the slack but don’t set back and he will last 10 more years. He will stop as soon as the slack is pulled. It will entertain those boys for hours on end. My boy and the delacruz boys used to have every rodeo imaginable and see who was the world champ while they circled the stay. They’ve all grown up and its time to let this one go to another kid to enjoy. I will let a kid have him for 500 bucks. that is cheap. If I went to a us roping and put 1000 bucks on his back and had him staked out and roped by the trailer he would be gone.


I got a saddle that I bought for 800 bucks back when i was rich. Its almost new. Not ridden much. I don’t remember the brand its nothing fancy but a good solid saddle. a 16 inch roping saddle. I will let it go for 400.


I got a good stack of 2-3/8 pipe left from building my arena. Its all pieces I cut out of my old arena. Some are 6 foot long, some are 25 foot long. A few pieces are left from my old boxes made out of 4 inch steel. they have the “t” still welded on them. Hard to explain. I don’t know the going rate but I will make a good deal if you buy something else.

I got a 24 foot gooseneck lowboy that I bought brand new and hauled a skid steer on. Its about 8 years old. ‘that skid steer broke the hell out of the frame so I reinforced it and welded everything back about a year after I bought it. It has been a solid good trailer every since. I recently painted it and put new tires on it. ‘when it broke I put two 8k axles under it. Its a damn good trailer I will let go for 4500 firm. The wiring is kind of jacked up. I can rig it to get you home but it needs to be redone and a taillight is broken.

I got an old rusty one horse I was going to restore. I will take 200 for it. You will need to trailer it the tongue rusted off.

I also have about a 10 foot homemade trailer with big axles and wheels. a guy owed me 500 bucks so I took it for the trade. Its a decent little trailer for hauling whatever. I was gonna use it for putting big alfalfa bales on top and using it to feed with. It has side rails and a 3x4x7 fits perfect. It needs painting and new tires. ‘the tires will probably get you home. one has a slow leak. I never even looked at the wiring and it doesn’t have a jack.

Well thats about it. Its gonna be somebody’s lucky day. I will throw the ex old lady in for free if you want to make a package deal. She’s real easy on the eyes but will not pull the sled for you. ‘she will haul pretty decent if you give her a bunch of walk around money. I will be around for the next few days. I will delete items that sell so I don’t waste your time. Please don’t call me to chitchat and ask a bunch of dumb questions. and don’t ask me to hold anything I figured that out a long time ago. ‘whoever pulls through my gate with the cash gets the deal. I gave the best explanations I could. My cell phone number is show contact info Im on state highway 19 between canton and athens. Closer to canton than athens. Over by twin lakes golf course. look it up on google. theres a produce stand there and Im about half a mile from there. call me when you’re close I’m gonna be running some errands closeby.


From Betsy M.:

Horse Stable

will need to take apart. Great stable. please call



Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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