‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: Reader Video Showcase

Yep, this rider’s head is pointed in the wrong direction. Check out these three videos submitted by readers from three different continents!

Top: Screenshot from Alex Eccles’ “Oh Crap” video (scroll down to view).

From Hannah Hardy of South Australia: “I just thought I’d share my fabulous ‘Oh crap!’ moment of the last time I fell off in a lesson! I had originally ‘won’ a free lesson from placing in a local horse trials and so off I went to this trainer for the first time! About halfway through the lesson we started to have a little straightness problem at the jump that was heading away from the gate — I wasn’t riding assertively enough forward and we chipped into the jump. My buddy horse jumped the jump on an angle and with a very awkward motion from straight to the far side and my leg got hooked on the wing and off I came! Gave the poor sensitive young’in a fright!”

From Carly Pearl-Sacks of Washington, USA: “I own a massive 17.3-hand Dutch Warmblood who is occasionally a little more exciting that I would like. Here’s the first video… This is a good example of what a big heart my horse has. You can see him jump back to avoid stepping on me!”

“Here’s the second…  This one not only shows a horrible approach on my part but also a huge over jump.”

From Alex Eccles of Oxfordshire, England: “I thought HN might be interested in my latest YouTube helmet cam video in which my friend fell off wearing one of my cameras… twice! Be warned though — there is a sneaky swear word and a bit of blood (both horse and rider were fine thankfully — just a little bruised and battered)!” Awww… things seemed to be going so well until about minute 4:51! Alex has lots of fun helmet cam footage posted on YouTube — check out her channel, A Horse Called Pigeon.

Horse Nation loves to honor its fallen soldiers. Have an “Oh Crap” video or photo that’s just TOO GOOD to keep to yourself? Email it to [email protected].


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