Light Up Galloping Boots Embody the American Dream

Why do these galloping boots have flashing lights on them, you ask? Because this is America, and we do what we want.

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Bar-F makes these bad boys, which are available on State Line Tack’s website for a mere $59.99 for the fronts and $67.99 for the hinds. They say money can’t buy happiness, but here in ‘Merica, we know that’s not true. Bar-F has single handedly disproven the theory.



And to make them even more ‘Merica, the boots are available in a red, white and blue stripe pattern. We’re just as upset as you that we didn’t discover these until after the 4th of July, but why not stock up for next year? And there’s always Labor Day!



But wait, there’s more! Around the Barrel Tack is selling a COMBO light-up galloping boot and bell boot for $112.70. This is the American dream, ya’ll.

Thanks to Eventing Nation reader Lynsey Ekema for unearthing this very patriotic protective leg wear option for our equine friends.

Go Riding.


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