‘Obama Got Photobombed By a Guy In a Horse Mask’ and Other Horsey Headlines From This Week

Presenting a random round-up of equine-centric news stories from July 6 through 13.

Even President Obama isn’t immune from the infamous horse head mask photo bomb. This photo, released last Tuesday, spurned concerns about the president’s security. The horse-headed Denver man said neigh a word, but his intentions appeared honorable. (SOURCE)

St. Louis carriage drivers are under fire after ‘Moose,’ a hard-working carriage horse of 9 years, was diagnosed with heaves. (SOURCE)

Kentucky horse country has been added to the USA Today’s ‘Bucket List Travel Series,’ highlighting something equestrians have known for decades — Kentucky is a great place to visit. (SOURCE)

Horse and Hound UK lists ‘9 Tips for a Horse’s Happy Retirement,’ including gradually decreasing the workload and reassessing nutritional needs. (SOURCE)

The Horse discusses the dangers of using over-the-counter penicillin without veterinarian consultation. Veterinarians attribute the overuse of the medicine to antibiotic-resistant superbugs as well as adverse physical reactions. (SOURCE)

California Chrome’s owners are feeling the backlash of public opinion once again after asking for a $50,000 ‘appearance fee’ at Del Mar racetrack. The track, understandably, balked at the offer and said they hoped to see Chrome racing again soon. (SOURCE)

The American Quarter Horse breed has been recognized as a “Horse of Honor” at the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games for it’s versatility, intelligence and gentle nature. The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games are August 23 – September 7 in Normandy, France. (SOURCE)

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