6 HN Readers/Western Riders Who Aren’t Afraid to Rock a Helmet

The times they are a-changin’ as more and more western riders trade in their cowboy hats for helmets. Exhibit A: HN’s own readers.

When we published a story about world record-setting barrel racer Nicole Aichele a.k.a. “Helmet Girl” earlier this week, it elicited a huge and overwhelmingly positive response from readers. Our Facebook page was flooded with supportive comments and a few readers even posted their own helmet photos. Today beingĀ Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day, we wanted to pass them along. Thanks to everyone who shared!

Top photo from Marion Payne: My grandaughter rode in NHSRA in Gallop, New Mexico for three years in a row and wore a helmet. She is now a senior competitor and still wears a helmet.

Lesley Szenay: This is MY helmet girl. She takes a beating in High School Rodeo because of it. She has a brain and I want her to be able to use it! I am proud of her for going against peer pressure!


Angaleen Cook: I live in Australia and I barrel race and wear a helmet too, so glad to see someone promoting the wearing of a helmet. My youngest sister was killed in a horse riding accident through head trauma 10 years ago and I promised my mother I would wear one, I have a son and I want to show him that it is smart to wear a helmet. This is the helmet I barrel race in, my son blinged it up for me and I get lots of positive comments about it from the young to the old! Keep up the great work!


Lana Carney-wicks: Bianca Canham competing at NJHSRA finals. Not compulsory in US but still chose to put safety first.


Becky Stepanek: This is my helmet girl… she is very proud to have it on, it saved her life once already.


Gina Teresa Abbadessa-Leitheuser: It’s not that bad!! You only have one brain!!!


Fact. Go riding in a helmet!


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