Eventing Nation: Kelsey Wilkins Defies Gravity at Virginia CCI*

This rider looks like a goner, right? Think again!

Top: Defying gravity! Photo by Brant Gamma

From Jenni Autry via Eventing Nation:

Kelsey Wilkins is no stranger to the Virginia CCI*. After falling off her first upper-level horse Madeira twice at the event over the course of a few years, she returned this spring with a vengeance. It was her Thoroughbred Cava’s first attempt at the level, which led to a hilarious green moment in the show jumping.

“I had enough time to think, looking at the ground, that there was no way I was falling off at this event for the third time — one fence from home,” Kelsey said. “We jumped the last fence from a standstill a few strides out and finished the event!” Luckily for us, photographer extraordinaire Brant Gamma captured the whole sequence in photos.

Well done, Kelsey. You and Cava give a whole new meaning to the term “epic save.” Do you have photos or videos to document your own epic save, EN? Share your story in the comments below, or send an email to [email protected]. Go Epic Saves.







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