‘Oh Crap’ Moment of the Day: Reader Showcase

Time for another round of reader photos that make us want to cover our eyes: “I don’t want to see what happens next!”

The top photo is from Tally DeLong, who writes: “This is my horse Roo and I in the CPHA medal at a Woodside horse show. Not my best eq moment!” Yeah, maybe not one to send in for a George Morris critique. Here are few more…

From Isabelle Hassner: “Like a kangaroo. Simply too much energy:)”


Isabelle included another couple photos of horse, adding, “I’ve a beautiful pony, Jolly’s Prins…”


“…but sometimes he goes nuuuuuuts!



From Nikki Merle-Smith: “So, I wanted to send in a photo of my grey mare, Watermark, and I competing at Surefire a couple weeks ago. My right cheek piece decided to somehow come unbuckled from my bit less than halfway around cross country! The bridle didn’t come off, and I briefly thought of stopping to fix it.. But I needed to make time!! And if I thought it was going to cause a real problem, I would have pulled up to fix it. =P

“The always wonderful Brant Gamma took the photo and if you look at the photos from the beginning of the course, it looks fine! And it didn’t ever break!! I buckled it back up when I hopped off! It was mysterious, to say the least. But we finished with an awesome double clear round and came home with a 6th in her third training level event. =)”

Watermark.SF4C1724 2


From Elizabeth McDade via Meredith Milligan: “Flint discovered his fear of colored houses while schooling XC… rider recovered after this jump!”



From Kassandra Vicente: “This is my mare, Roswitha, and I having our very first cross-country schooling. The first time we did this bank she hesitantly slid her legs down the drop and into the water. The second time we did it, she hesitated but gently hopped down. The third time, which is this picture, is obviously the charm. I expected her to hesitate and carefully hop down again but she LAUNCHED herself off the edge of the bank like a champ but I obviously wasn’t prepared. She has definitely found her niche in cross-country.”



From Ashlee Barrus: “We (me and my horse Leroy) had been self training all summer (probably not the smartest of ideas) and decided to do the three-phase at our local schooling show. Well, apparently jumps on trails are only scary when off property (who would have thought!) Leroy had taken the first four jumps on the cross-country course bravely and controlled, we get to the ramp/coop and he falls apart. He refused once, I turned back around, gave him the best line I could find, and went to it. He hesitantly trotted towards it and when we got close he started rearing. Hit me in the face with his head and I came off (The first couple pics are from that)… well Leroy bolts when I fall off. After running around with his handsome Arab head and tail up in the air we finally caught him and I got back on; thankfully because it was a schooling show the show manager allowed me to school that jump when the division had finished. The last few pictures are of him finally getting over it! After jumping that though I think his brain was ‘fried’ so I didn’t push him and jump any more jumps, we walked along the rest of the course and then I pulled from the SJ. The lady who I returned my pinny to at the end of the day thanked me for showing the young girls at the show how to treat your horse when something bad happens (I was screaming ‘good boy’ when he finally jumped it, vs. a few girls that had fallen off at the show and were beating their horses because they had fallen off), and we left the show with no ribbon but also no injuries. This year my favorite trainer is going to be taking us to this showgrounds and giving us a cross-country lesson, yay for cross-country schooling opportunities! Though you can’t really see MY face (except for the ‘oh-thank-god’ face of the two with him getting over it) Leroy is most definitely wearing an ‘Oh-crap’ face.”






Horse Nation loves to honor its fallen soldiers. Have an “Oh Crap” video or photo that’s just TOO GOOD to keep to yourself? Email it to [email protected].


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