SpectraVet Performance of the Week: Gregory Wathelet & Conrad at LGCT Paris 2014

This screenshot shows Conrad basically blindfolded by his fly bonnet a stride out from a jump, just before the bridle FELL OFF COMPLETELY.

The best part: They still jumped clear!

We mentioned the incident in a post earlier this week, but if anyone deserves “Performance of the Week” honors, it’s this pair.


Goodbye bridle. Hello giant square oxer.

What a horse! The video description explains, “One of the most extraordinary clear rounds of the Prix du Qatar came from Gregory Wathelet (BEL), whose mount Conrad de Hus managed to dislodge his bridle part way round. As the pair jumped the third to last fence, the bridle fell off mid-air, momentarily obscuring the horses view and leaving Gregory to hold up the bit in his horses mouth for the final difficult line to maintain control, which he did, to the delight of the crowd who cheered his incredible show of horsemanship.”

See it for yourself:


Go Riding!


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