4 Annoying Things About Keeping Horses at Home, and 1 That Makes It All Worthwhile

Keeping horses at home can be both a blessing and a curse.

1) You mow constantly. One of the worst myths about horses — they will do the upkeep in their pastures. Wrong! Horses are selective grazers, consequently, I spend more time mowing and weeding than doing any other chore.

2) Along with the mowing you are always fixing/cleaning things. Fences, gates, stall walls, fallen tree limbs, tractors…  You get the idea.

3) You never go on vacation. Horses aren’t great on change which means they don’t like new people/new schedules/new anything. Of course, to challenge your horse on this you have to find someone willing to do the job in the first place.

4) There is always that possibility for “one more.” Boarding stables are pricey and stalls aren’t always available… but at home… surely one more horse could fit in that pasture or maybe just a cute little Mini this time?

5) Finally, watching your horses graze anytime, day or night, makes it all worthwhile.


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