Eventing Nation: Why It’s Awesome To Be an American Eventer

Red on the right, white on the left, and patriotism in the middle.

Top: The chinchillas are feeling patriotic today! Photo via Etsy.

From Jenni Autry via Eventing Nation:

Happy 4th of July, EN! Today we celebrate with hot dogs, beer and fireworks — and lots of sedatives for our horses so they don’t run through a fence during our patriotic displays. It’s the most American of holidays, so on this day of independence, let’s celebrate some reasons why it’s awesome to be an American eventer.

1. Beer coolers in our cross-country jumps


Photo by Leslie Wylie

No explanation needed.

2. Coach David O’Connor


Photo by Jenni Autry.

The last American eventer to win an individual Olympic goal medal also happens to be our team coach, and he embodies what it means to be American: He drinks Diet Coke and cries during all the right moments when he makes speeches.

3. Rolex


Photo via EN’s Instagram

Also known as the American eventer’s mecca, where we all must make at least one pilgrimage in our lifetime to satisfy the eventing gods.

4. Thoroughbreds

Daruma's Dream — just went on the CANTER PA website this morning!

Daruma’s Dream — just went on the CANTER PA website this morning!

CANTER — Providing affordable and fabulous eventing prospects since 1997 … and enabling OTTB hoarders in the process.

5. A Melting Pot of Athletes

Photo by Jenni Autry

Photo by Jenni Autry

Just like our heritage as a country, our upper-level athletes are an eclectic bunch who hail from many different countries and walks of life.

Today, we celebrate that diversity and this great country we’re lucky to call home. What other reasons would you add to the list, EN? What’s awesome about being an American eventer?

Go 4th of July!


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