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Check out this interview with top international show jumper and Amerigo Ambassador Edwina Alexander, as posted on WEB’s Facebook page this week.

Top: Edwina Tops Alexander and Cevo Itot du Chateau via

What products does top international showjumper Edwina Tops Alexander rely on to give her horses the winning edge? Let’s have a look.


Edwina explains, “Throughout the past three years I have been riding in Amerigo saddles and I have noticed that my horses have become stronger and more supple. A saddle must fit the same as a shoe fits a person and a horse cannot decide which saddle they would like, but the advantage I have is having professional people from Amerigo measure my horses regularly to see exactly the details that they require. Like in every sport the fine details always make the difference and that’s what I have found with riding in Amerigo saddles.”


Vespucci Hand Grip Rubber Reins: These were designed together with top showjumper, Edwina Tops Alexander, and have been created to meet the special requirements for showjumping. The soft rubber has additional leather hand grips placed every 6cm along the rein, which provide not only better grip, but allow the rider to keep a more precise and also steadier contact. The reins are shorter than normal reins to avoid the danger of the foot getting caught up in the excess loop, particularly when riding smaller horses.


Amerigo Anatomic Stud Protector GH08: Offering a high level of protection for your horse, its unique shape protects the horse where necessary but still allows it that vital freedom of movement. Softly padded with calfskin, and with a centralised clip for easy attachment of martingales and breastplates.


Amerigo Pialotta Tendon boots PT08: Designed together with Edwina Tops Alexander for her famous horse, Pialotta, for minimum bulk and maximum protection for even the finest legs. Lined with calfskin to reduce the risk of overheating during use. The elastic straps and stud fastenings are quick and easy to use.


Amerigo Martingale Bib BP05: Available as a separate item. Uniquely elasticated to allow independent rein control, particularly during turns. Clip fastening for easy attachment.


Vespucci Flash Bridle: The horse’s head is one of the most sensitive parts of its body. The concentration of nerves over the poll and around the ears can easily be affected by excess pressure. The unique Vespucci headpiece protects this area by integrating all bridle parts that usually go directly over the poll into one softly padded headpiece. The noseband is fully adjustable on both sides for easy adjustment, and the buckles passing over the sensitive jawbone area are all padded.


PM Sheepskin Pad: The sheepskin saddle pad is a PM Mattes Pad, designed by Peter Menet, with the Spinefree cut out to allow more freedom and prevent pressure in the wither area. The PM pad is particularly useful for jumping horses as it helps to absorb the forces that occur during the landings and protects the horse in the shoulder area.


Vespucci Combination breastplate: Breastplate and martingale combined, anatomically shaped with elasticated shoulder straps. Fully adjustable.

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Go Edwina, and Go Riding!


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