The 5 Best Comments About This Sheath Fly Cover

Ever seen a sheath fly cover before? Neither had these very surprised Facebook users until today.

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Horse & Hound posted this sale ad on its Facebook page today for Snuggy Hoods, a company in the UK that manufactures a variety of hoods and blankets. Snuggy Hoods also makes — wait for it — a fly cover for sheaths.

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[Horse & Hound’s Facebook page]

And no, you’re not alone in wondering how exactly that would work logistically when it comes time for Mr. Gelding to use the potty.

The Facebook comments on the post are a hoot. Here are the five best comments so far as people marvel how exactly this sheath fly cover works in practice:

  • “What happens when he wants a tinkle?? He has no hands to undo his flies!!”
  • “Is this for real — sheath cover ???? In Canada, no self-respecting horse would wear this.”
  • “They must have some serious bugs in England.”
  • “Bloody hell. What’s next?”
  • “No further questions, Your Honour.”

Snuggy Hoods has a video on its website that shows how the fly sheath cover attaches to the rugs, though the video sadly does not show a live demonstration of the product.

Go check out the hilarious Facebook comments for yourself here, and Go Riding.


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