3 Essential Equestrian Job Databases

Looking to launch your career in the equestrian industry but not sure where to start? Check out these three online equestrian job listings to get ahead of the competition.

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There are many ways to start a career in the horse field, and as the job search increasingly moves online the horse world has followed the trend. While Craigslisting and scouring the local tack shop bulletin boards might still help you find employment, check out these databases and see what else is out there:

Yard and Groom


Yard and Groom includes classifieds for both jobseekers and employers, along with a section to advertise horses for sale. Bonus: there’s also “Stablemates,” and equestrian singles board. For job seekers, the search options include a vast array of details, including places to select live-in opportunities, available stalls to bring a horse, job types, discipline, or key skills. These options give jobseekers the ability to really narrow down a search which can be helpful if one possesses a unique set of skills or experience.¬†Employers can likewise search for jobseekers using a similar set of criteria.

Creating an account is not necessary to search the database of available jobs, but is required in order to contact employers directly (basic accounts are free.) All employers must create accounts. Yard and Groom does not charge any additional placement or contact fees.





Equistaff includes listings for employers, jobseekers and equestrian schools for those interested in earning a degree related to the field. Job seekers need a free account to search listings; employers need to pay for a subscription to list job openings. Equistaff is unique in offering direct placement and recruiting for employers who do not wish to search through applicants and resumes–the database will pre-screen jobseekers after working with employers to create a detailed job description and ideal candidate profile. Recruiters can be hired for individual employers as well. For Florida-based employers (where Equistaff is based) temporary help is available while a candidate search is on. Equistaff also now offers a payroll service for employers (in selected states.)

Site testimonials include praise from a variety of employers, ranging from summer camps to polo clubs to private schools with equestrian programs.





In 2011, American site Equimax and Canadian site HorseJobs.ca joined forces to create a North American powerhouse in equestrian job listings. All users, both jobseekers and employers, must have an account to use the site. HorseJobs.ca provides additional helpful resources, including an “Ask the Experts” section detailed firsthand experience in the job market on both the jobseeker and employer ends, as well as information on immigration, both for jobseekers and employers. Special services include resume writing, career coaching and student job placement, as well as employer recruitment services. While the blog is slightly outdated, past postings include valuable information on resume buzzwords, tips for interviews, hiring tips and firsthand “day in the life” essays from various jobs within the equestrian industry.

Other equestrian job databases target more specific job-seekers, such as FindMyHorseJob.com, which is geared toward young horse people, or are connected to industry organizations — for example, the American Veterinary Medical Association’s equine job listings. Do you have your own favorite job listing that’s not mentioned here, or advice for the jobseeker? Add your suggestions in the comments below!



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