#TBT: The 5 Stages of Horse Withdrawal

Horses are expensive, dangerous, and highly addicting. So what happens when you can’t get your horse fix?

Those of us with the horse bug know the feeling. The cold sweat. The anxious glances at the weather forecast. The knowledge  that once your butt hits the saddle, the rest of the world will just fade away until it’s just you and your horse. And then…

You hear thunder.


“It’s just a little drizzle…we’ll be fine!”


“Why TODAY?! The one day I could leave work with enough daylight for a lesson???”


“If it just stops thundering, and the ring magically dries out, I’ll clean my tack after every single ride. I swear!”


Because you had a long day of meetings and stupid clients and the one thing that will make it better is some quality time with your BFF.


…of the fact that you’ll just have to watch endless GoPro videos on Youtube till you can get back in the saddle yourself.


Whether it’s due to weather, injuries, lack of time, or lack of money, there are dozens of reasons to be out of the saddle temporarily–which makes the time we do have with our horses all the more special.

Go Riding.

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