Topsail Whiz is the NRHA’s First 10 Million Dollar Sire

Just when we come to terms with the fact that it’s impossible to make money in the horse industry, Topsail Whiz blows everyone out of the water.

Top photo originally by John Brasseaux.

Topsail Whiz has been a household name in reining after he became the industry’s first six-million-dollar sire (meaning that his offspring have amassed show-pen earnings over six million dollars.) He didn’t stop there–he became the first (and only) seven-, eight-, nine- and now in 2014 ten-million-dollar sire, racking up an impressive list of winning progeny. Though the stallion passed away in 2009, his star continues to rise.

Topsail Whiz’s top earning progeny include four million-dollar-sires in their own right:

  • Conquistador Whiz
  • West Coast Whiz
  • Whizard Jac
  • Whiz N Tag Chex.

Top money-earners include:

  • The Great Whiz ($256,400)
  • Easy Otie Whiz ($233,600)
  • Whizkey N Diamonds ($216,300)
  • Smoking Whiz ($197,100)
  • Walla Walla Whiz ($187,800)

Just how much money is ten million dollars?

It’s a lot of zeroes: $10,000,000.

It weighs approximately 220 pounds in $100 bills.

It could buy you a minute and fifteen seconds of Super Bowl commercial airtime:

You could purchase a vacation home in Las Vegas:

Photo from, Creative Commons

Photo from, Creative Commons

Or perhaps this charming little farm in Wellington:

Photo from

Photo from

You could run for a seat in the United States Senate (seats in the Senate cost, on average, $10.5 million per campaign.)

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Or you could just do this.


Go Topsail Whiz!


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