Thursday Morning Feed by Fleeceworks

What do we what? (Fleeceworks!) When do we want it? (Fleeceworks!)

That’s what I imagine these sheep are saying:

When it comes to sheepskin, Fleeceworks only uses the very best.

phoca_thumb_l_FW-3 Full All purpose Classic

Fleeceworks pads are made of hand-selected Australian Merino Sheepskin. You won’t find any lycra (spandex), polyurea, Teflon, or copolymers in their products. Here’s what Fleeceworks has to say about the benefits of going with the real deal:

Each material that is used in our pads was selected because it is the best choice for each particular job. Our genuine Australian sheepskin comes from older, wool producing sheep. Unlike lambskin, whose wool is very thick and tends to be coarse, the sheepskins from older sheep are dense, strong and very soft. This type of wool allows us to shear the wool down to about 1” length, which is the optimum length to protect against pressure points, deliver an effective thermal balancing layer and yet retain the fit and contact of your saddle.

The two major benefits of real sheepskin are its ability to prevent pressure points and to deliver vital thermal balance. Genuine sheepskin has long been valued in the medical field. Bedridden and wheelchair bound patients depend on it for its ability to prevent pressure points. Even a well-fitted saddle can cause pressure due to the points of the tree and stirrup bars bearing weight over the shoulders. Fleeceworks pads are carefully constructed to provide extra protection in these vulnerable areas.”

Sheepskin also has valuable thermal balancing properties.

The most common cause of back injuries in horses is ill-fitting saddles, closely followed by muscle injuries due to overheating. The need for thermal balance cannot be overstated. In order for a muscle to operate at its peak it must cool itself constantly. If excess heat cannot be pulled away, and/or gets blocked by materials that do not breathe (such as gel and some closed-cell foam), this heat will radiate back into the already overheated muscle.

While high-tech fabrics, such as Coolmax were engineered to draw heat and moisture away, they lose their effectiveness as soon as they get wet. Sheepskin and wool can hold thirty percent of its weight in water before it even starts to feel wet, thus being able to transport excess heat away from the muscle much longer.”

Just one more reason to choose Fleeceworks!

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!


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