Shopping Sunday: Product Reviews from SmartPak

Ah, lazy Sunday. At least for me, anyway. What better way to spend it than building your SmartPak wishlist?

Our awesome sponsor, SmartPak, does frequent video reviews on products that have caught their eye. Since I’ve got a nice little wish list going, I thought I’d give you some inspiration for yours.

1. Back on Track Therapeutic Riding Gloves

Back on Track does a great job with producing quality products for both four and two-legged therapy. If you tend to have stiff or sore hands, these gloves utilize the ceramic technology to provide warmth and promote blood circulation.

2. Bradley Soft Shell Knee Patch Breeches

SmartPak breeches might be among my favorites that I’ve tried so far. I picked up a pair of the first line that was released at Rolex a couple of years ago and absolutely fell in love with them.

3. #ROOTD – Put together a whole outfit!

Looking for a whole new look for your riding needs? Yes, you can admit it: you’re a fashion conscious equestrian. It’s ok! I am too.

4. Better Bucket

Why should you invest in the Better Bucket? I’ll let the review tell you, but suffice to say that its ergonomic design can help stressed out or aggressive horses access their grain.

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