At Home With George Morris from Equestrian Quarterly

George Morris took some time off from scaring the pants off of young riders and adult amateurs to sit down for a close-up.

I’m not sure I have the bravery that may be required to enter George Morris’ home. The man is actually coming to a barn (relatively) near me this summer, and I’m debating on whether or not I can make the trip to go audit because I think it would be a great opportunity. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll be tapping him on the shoulder and asking any sort of deep, dark, personal questions.


I have always been curious about Mr. Morris’ home and what he does while he’s there. Does he plot further world domination? Does he web-surf looking for the latest memes that have been made in his honor? Does he sit there and stare at the walls of ribbons and trophies that surely line his office and marvel at his own greatness?

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Equestrian Quarterly photographer George Kamper was able to visit with George in his home, and while it does not say that he ran screaming from the building we are left to wonder. Nonetheless, the portraits taken are nothing short of spectacular.

Be sure to play the whole slideshow by visiting Equestrian Quarterly.



Want more one-on-one with George Morris? Carley Sparks got more than a few words out of him in her article “6 Questions With George Morris”.

“I’ve always been interested in education because I was a taught rider. I wasn’t a natural, athletic, game, gutsy rider. I was taught riding. Every step of the way, I was taught. I was lucky I had really great teachers. But I had to learn it up here [in my head] before I learned it here [in my body].”

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