5 Things We’re All Feeling on Belmont Morning

Belmont Day is upon us, and though we have been in this position several times before, this year somehow feels more stacked with emotions.

I’m not sure how I’m going to make it until later this afternoon, when California Chrome will make his bid to become the 12th Triple Crown winner (and the first in my lifetime). While I’m busy distracting myself with work, I came up with a list of emotions we are all cycling through this morning.

1: Exhaustion

I’ve already medicated myself with too much caffeine this morning, as I’m sure many of you have. This was, in hindsight, probably not the best idea, though, as this will make me even more jittery than I already am. While I can’t hold a candle to the exhaustion Camp Chrome has been dealing with for the past five weeks, I’m certainly ready for today when all of my pent up emotions can come to a head and I can finally sleep tonight, hopefully dreaming about a stellar Triple Crown moment.

2: Nervous

Nerves. Those pesky little butterflies that cause us to chew our nails down to nonexistence and pace circles around our living room. I will likely not be breathing from the moment they call the horses to the post, so if you don’t hear from me anymore it’s because I passed out from lack of oxygen.

3: Nauseated

Hand in hand with nerves, that sick to your stomach feeling is caused by manic butterflies that take up camp in your stomach. The anticipation is what kills me, and I will likely be dealing with an upset stomach all day. Bring me some Sprite and saltine crackers and I may make it through.

4: Excited


All the nerves and nausea aside, you have to admit you’re bursting with excitement today. You’ve already updated your Facebook status with the hashtag #chromie, or something along those lines, and you literally can’t sit still. It’s ok, though, because you already have an IV of caffeine going so you won’t crash and burn from your hyperactivity.

5: Impatient

I have no patience. J-Law said it perfectly. Sitting here waiting for the next few hours is seeming a very daunting task. Like I said earlier, at least I have work to keep me busy until then. I think I will still find myself constantly checking the time to ensure I don’t miss a second of the NBC coverage. Perhaps it’s a good thing I’m home alone for the day; I’m not sure I would want anyone witnessing the emotional wreck that is me.

All jokes aside, today is heavy with emotions and historical anticipation. Not to worry, though. The world will be watching as California Chrome marches to the starting gate, takes a deep breath, and launches himself into his final Triple Crown bid. We will all be surging behind him as the little colt from nowhere strives to stamp his mark on the history books.

Good luck, Chrome!

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