Weekly Watering Hole, Presented by Horse Quencher: Horse Surfing

Kelsy Patnaude has a great idea for cooling off during the summer: horse surfing!

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From Kelsy:

I began surfing when I was 9 years old and actually began riding horses four years ago in an attempt to pick up a new hobby that did not involve putting on wetsuits and surfing in freezing water all winter (no one warned me about frozen water buckets and frisky cold ponies).

I came up with the idea to start horse surfing in Rhode Island when a friend of mine posted a similar video of people horse surfing in the Netherlands. This was about three years ago and we have been trying to get everything together for some time now. There were always issues with trailers, horses, weather, etc. But this time it all came together perfectly!

It doesn't get any better than this!

It doesn’t get any better than this!

If you have any board riding experience, it’s definitely not as hard as it looks but it does take time to become comfortable on a board and find your balance. Once the horse gets enough speed, it almost becomes effortless to stand right up!

The horses LOVE it! We used a 20-year-old Arabian, Amir, and he just has so much energy and is a fearless boy. He loves the water and we take him swimming often, so galloping through the shallows was nothing to him. We were all very tired but he just kept wanting to go.

Horse Surf 3

Besides the horses and riders, the equipment you need are either a wakeboard, wake-skate, or kiteboard and then a tow rope. You tie the rope to the pommel of a western saddle, and a breastplate is also useful to make sure that the force of the surfer doesn’t pull the saddle back.

Horse Surf 5


The whole experience is by far one of the greatest things I have ever done, combining all the elements of surfing, riding, and being outdoors really made for a memorable time!

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