SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Eric Lamaze Keeps Winning

You can’t keep Eric Lamaze down. After embarking on the international show jumping circuit, he picked up two consecutive wins in the Grand Prix of La Baule and the Grand Prix of Rome with Powerplay and Zigali P S.

Photo above of Eric Lamaze and Hickstead at the 2008 Olympics via Wikimedia Commons.

Always an anchor to the Canadian Show Jumping Team, Eric continues to show his professionalism and competitive spirit in the ring. Add to that a string of highly successful horses, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

The last events Eric won back-to-back were in 2011 with the great Hickstead, his 2008 Olympic mount. “The faith I had in these horses is paying off,” Eric said to CBCSports.”We are really clicking, everything is coming together between myself and the horses. I’ve spent time really getting to know them, and the moment has come now.”

Eric’s ride begins at the 3:18 marker in this video, which shows the whole jump-off round.

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Sometimes I find myself trying to memorize the course when I’m watching show jumping, only to fail miserably. Coming from eventing land, where the turns aren’t quite as ridiculous, I constantly find my mind blown when I watch these Grand Prix riders make mincemeat of a big, twisty course.

Perhaps Mr. Lamaze could share some course memorization tips and tricks, although on second though he probably has some sort of freakish photographic memory that allows him to glance at the map and immediately know the striding and best turns. Ah, well. Maybe when I grow up I will be just like Eric.

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