#TBT: 4 Super Simple DIY Home Decor Projects

These four equestrian DIY projects are easy enough that even I can handle them… and that’s saying something.

1) Ribbons in a Jar

My biggest complaint about ribbons on display is they tend to collect a lot of dust.  This solution, by VelvetRider on Pinterest, solves that problem. These will look ultra shiek on any coffee table, sturdy wall shelf or as centerpieces at a dining table.

2) Catch-All Jars

You can find the super simple tutorial for these jars here. My 5 year old daughter LOVED this project (Momma worked the super glue) and now uses them to hold crayons. We modified ours by using chalkboard paint instead of the matte black so we can leave notes on the lid!

3) Towel in a Stirrup by EquestrianStylist

I have had a pair of old, heavy stirrups and too thick leathers sitting in my tack room for about 7 years. This turned out to be, literally, the simplest DIY project ever and receives lots of compliments.

4) Shelf in a Halter* by FieldHaven

I couldn’t find the tutorial for these shelves but I’m assuming you will need a jigsaw to cut the circle piece which is then attached to a small block screwed to the wall.  Halter hung…little super glue…tada!  Now I just have to wait around for a halter to break.

*Cat not included

Go Riding!


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