HN Reader Photo Booth – May 2014

A real quick roundup of reader submitted photos for May!

By April Joy Bruneau and Carrie Ferrer

“This beautiful poem us sent to me by a very special person, Barret’s honoree grandmother and a very dear friend of Bru and I.” – April

Princesses and ponies, brushes and bows

Smelling of horse and not like a rose

Riding in tutus with helmet on tight

Pink cowboy boots that somehow look right

Velvet, so patient, stands in her tack

Waiting for Barret to climb on her back

Adventures await, at the start of each day,

These are the things from which memories are made

 Don’t ever look back, with longing “if only’s”

All things can be done

By Princesses and ponies

By Rebecca L Algar



‘Le Borg Horse’ by Lynn



HN’s own, Amanda Uechi Ronan, with OTTB Gumpert Apollo celebrating Badminton!



‘Derp Bunny’ by Sherri Stempien


Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 6.18.46 PM.png

HN Bunny Fan ‘Pani’ by Joanna Cumyn


Photo shared by proud mother, Allison Hamlin.


‘Max and Carlie’ by Jennifer Lillie Clymer


Prom proposal by Samantha Searer Fisher


The Big Lick by Grace Kamphefner

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Go Riding!


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