They’re Horse Treats, Officer, I Swear!

Reader Lynn sent us this photo with the note, “Sometimes horse items can lead to misunderstandings.”

From Lynn:

My friends that are not horsey often have some strange ideas about my lifestyle. Usually it is just a glimpse of a snaffle bit that get mistaken for handcuffs. (For the record I have several snaffles but no handcuffs.) I suppose if I didn’t store them in the kitchen in the drawer next to the cutlery this wouldn’t happen.

This week the large bucket of horse treats only had a few left in the bottom. A friend wanted the bucket so I put these few horse treats and crumbs in a baggie. It doesn’t look like horse treats to anyone anymore.


I wouldn’t go carrying that bag around in your purse anytime soon, Lynn. Readers: Do you have any stories of horse life misunderstandings? Share them in the comments section below!



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