Eventing Nation: Margit Appelt Embodies Insanity in the Middle

Jenni Autry gets the scoop on Margit Appelt and Space Jet (yes, that is really the horse’s name), Austria’s cross-country fashion outlaws.

Top: Margit Appelt and Space Jet at Saumur. Photo by Genevieve Capeillere.

From Jenni via Eventing Nation:

We have a new poster child for Insanity in the Middle. This is Margit Appelt, and the horse without a shred of dignity left is Space Jet. Margit, who hails from Austria, rocked this yellow and black ensemble in the Saumur CCI3* last weekend. A quick Google search shows Margit busts this out on all her cross-country runs. Here’s a video of the outfit in action at Jaroszówka CIC2* last month.

Rick Wallace rocks the lightning pants in 1989. Photo via Facebook.

Rick Wallace rocks the lightning pants in 1989. Photo via Facebook.

Margit’s wardrobe choice reminds me of a young Rick Wallace, who wore lightning pants on cross country back in 1989. Briggs Surratt resurrected the lightning pants this spring at Red Hills when he pulled them out of storage and wore them on cross country. You heard it here first, EN. White breeches are out. Retro is IN!

Briggs Surratt rocks the 1989 lightning bolt pants. Photo via Facebook.

Briggs Surratt rocks the 1989 lightning bolt pants at Red Hills. Photo via Facebook.

Margit and Space Jet sadly did not make it around Saumur, but at least the yellow pants with black stars brought joy to countless people. Margit, we don’t know if you’re color blind or crazy, but today we salute you for showing us what it means to embody insanity in the middle.

Thanks to Genevieve Capeillere, we have a whole sequence of photos:


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