Welcome, Horseware Ireland!

We’d like to send out a very big Horse Nation welcome to our newest sponsor, Horseware Ireland!

Top photo: And you thought they just made blankets. Horseware’s Sara Competition shirt.

Why are we so excited that Horseware’s on board? Having the support of the people who created Rambo blankets is kind of like getting a thumbs up from the inventors of, say, the hood. Or duct tape. The bombproof and breathable Rambo changed the industry and made millions of horses more comfortable. Continuing to innovate since that now iconic blanket hit the market, Horseware’s never been afraid to be different — and better (just like Horse Nation).

Tired of leaky blankets soaking the ponies in their riding school in Dundalk, Ireland, Tom and Carol MacGuinness bought a sewing machine. After years of experimenting, they finally designed a blanket for horses that didn’t leak, didn’t make the horse sweat and didn’t slip. Horseware was born with the launch of the Rambo Original in 1985 in Dundalk, Ireland, where the company’s still headquartered. Anyone who owns a horse who doesn’t live in a desert is familiar with Rambo (and Rhino, Amigo and Mio). We’ll bring you more on blankey innovations in the fall. In the meantime, know this:

– The blankets are tested for one to three years on at least 20 horses of various shapes and sizes, before they ever hit the market.

– There’s a Rambo on the roof of the factory in Ireland — for luck and to test the waterproofing.

– Over the years through the Rambo Trade In program, Horseware’s allowed us to trade in, or donate used blankets to equine charities for a discount on a new one,.

– If this “Rugs for Life” video doesn’t make your eyes as misty as an Irish morning, you need to watch it again.

While you know the Rambo, you might not know that Horseware also makes clothing for people that’s as cool, or warm, as the case may be, as its blankets. In addition to the fun t-shirt at the top of this post, Horseware’s got a closet full of casual polos, button downs and even hoodies to wear to the barn and beyond, like this Flamboro polo and fun t-shirt.

The Flamboro comes in a rainbow of fun shades

The Flamboro comes in a rainbow of fun shades, and in a sleeveless version.

Obviously, these folks know about layering. And even though you might not spend hours rubbing your butt against a fence while you wear a jacket like this sassy Bella, you can appreciate the high quality and smart design.

This Marina Padded Vest is snuggly — and smart. Not only does it have cleverly positioned pockets, its stylish seams help give you an alluring, feminine silhouette, even if you don’t actually have one (trust me on this one).

Horseware’s got a line of breeches with styles from classy show-ring ready Ladies Knitted Classes Breeches, to super comfy stretch denim. Take a look at the fun detailing on these summer weight denim and chocolate full seats. Yum. They also come in grey.

Styling pockets and trim on the Newmarket Elise Breeches. Love the navy and gold.

“Waterproof and breathable” was oxymoronic before Horseware. So was “sexy and show clothes.” Check out the lace on the Sara shirt. A line of crystal adds a touch of classy bling to the back belt loop of the Platinum Siena Full Seat Breeches and subtly embossed paisley patterning on the three-quarter seat panel adds flair without screaming about it.

While Horseware’s summer apparel line for horses does not include a paisley option (thought you can get matching coolers, shipping boots and halters – CUTE!) the Vamoose line includes a far more critical embedded layer of No-Fly Zone Insect Control Technology, patented protection from Permethrin that keeps it’s bug-repelling power for 70 washings. Yeah, 70.

In one of the best combinations since chocolate met peanutbutter, Horseware gives us the IceVibe circulation therapy system. These boots add vibration to cold therapy for a brilliant method of pre-ride prep, post-ride relief or healing promotion.


There’s really nothing we need to say about them when William Fox-Pitt offers this: “(Ice Vibe) is an excellent cold therapy system. We use the boots on the horses after strenuous exercise and find them to be very effective and easy to use. The newly developed longer boots are ideal for hind legs and the horses appear to be very comfortable wearing them. In my opinion they are the most effective and user-friendly way of cooling.”

Fox-Pitt and other world class riders across the disciplines have also embraced the innovative the Rambo Micklem Multibridle. Designed by master horseman William Micklem, the bridle’s revolutionary design is more effective and more comfortable for the horse than traditional bridles.

Tom and Carol MacGuinness continue to bring us innovative products that improve the life of our horses and ourselves. A consummate horseman, Tom’s evented to the two-star level, rode jumpers, foxhunted and played polo. In 2012, he decided he’d like to represent Ireland in endurance riding at the World Equestrian Games. In just two years he’s gone from never having completed an endurance ride, to being one of the world’s top endurance riders. We imagine the 160-km rides are a great way for him to test Horseware products.

MacGuinness after an endurance ride in Uruguay

MacGuinness after an endurance ride in Uruguay

For nearly 30 years, Horseware has helped us and our horses look and feel better. The company helps the horse world and the world beyond with programs like the Horseware Grassroots Rider, a slew of competition and rider sponsorships, and working with JustWorld International to build schools in Cambodia. Help us welcome them to Horse Nation by keeping them in mind when you’re cruising SmartPak or heading to the tack shop.

All images courtesy of Horseware Ireland.

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