Memorial Day Feed from SmartPak

Take advantage of SmartPak’s Memorial Day Sale (10% off + free shipping with any order over $75) to stock up on summer essentials. Here are a few of Horse Nation’s summer must-haves.



If you live in a hot, humid climate or have your horse in serious work during the summer, electrolytes are a must. Feeding a well-balanced electrolyte supplement like SmartLytes can supply the Sodium Chloride your horse needs, in addition to the other electrolyte minerals that are lost in sweat – Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. Supplying these electrolytes will also encourage your horse to drink more water, rebalancing his fluids and helping to ensure proper digestion of feeds.

SmartLytes was carefully formulated to mimic the mineral losses in equine sweat. This cherry flavored powder is sugar free and contains Trimethylglycine (the B vitamin Betaine), to help cells maintain normal fluid levels. What a smart electrolyte!

Also available in pellets and paste.

Price: $9.95 for daily maintenance dose in SmartPak (28-day supply)

Price with Memorial Day Weekend discount: $8.55


SmartPak Classic Fly Mask

The SmartPak Classic Fly Mask is just what your horse needs to keep summer’s pests at bay at price you’ll love!

  • Durable PVC mesh that holds its shape and keeps flies off your horse’s sensitive face
  • Soft mesh ears provides extra protection from pests in sensitive areas
  • Fleece edging ensures a comfortable fit on the horse’s face
  • Wide velcro closure keeps the mask securely in place

Price: $19.95

Price after Memorial Day Weekend discount: $17.96


SmartPak Cool-Tech Show Shirt

When jackets get waived at the horse show, you better be wearing something fabulous underneath.

Made from moisture-wicking performance fabric, this sporty technical shirt will take you from schooling to showing in comfort and style. Complete with a stand-up collar, hidden snap closures and a stock tie loop.

Price: $34.95

Price after Memorial Day Weekend discount: $31.46


Does your horse bug out when fly season rolls around? If turnout is more like torture with all the buzzing and biting, SmartBug-Off can make the pasture peaceful again by protecting your horse from the inside out. Say goodbye to stomping and swishing and say hello to a happier horse.

SmartBug-Off is perfect for all horses who are bothered by flies and other pesky pests. This comprehensive formula contains Garlic, Brewer’s Yeast and Apple Cider Vinegar to deter biting insects. It also provides Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and MSM to help support a normal inflammatory response and healthy skin. Lastly, SmartBug-Off includes Diatomaceous Earth to discourage insect breeding in manure. Horses love these tasty pellets!

Price: $19.95 for daily maintenance dose in SmartPak (28-day supply)

Price after Memorial Day Weekend discount: $17.69

HyperKewl Cooling VestStay cool all summer long with the HyperKewl cooling vest!

The combination of unique fabrics creates a water management system. The unique HyperKewl fabrics absorbs, stores and releases water within the multi-layered material. Water is “released” through evaporation, energy is consumed, and a chill effect is created. The HyperKewl fabric actually cools the body exactly the same way the body cools itself, through evaporation.

To activate the evaporative cooling vest, simply submerge the item in water for 1-2 minutes allowing the HyperKewl fabric to absorb the water. Gently squeeze out any excess water, wipe dry and the vest is ready to wear. The vest will remain activated for hours and can be re-hydrated by following these simple steps. The vest is meant to be worn over clothing and will feel damp to the touch.

The HyperKewl Cooling Vest has a high Mandarin collar for additional cooling relief and sun protection, front pockets and zipper closures. It has fitted front seams and a gathered waist in the back.

Vest Weight while wet is about 4 lbs.

Price: $59.95

Price after Memorial Day Weekend discount: $53.96

Cool Medics Cooling Neck Scarf

The Cool Medics Cooling Neck Scarves are constructed from a patented three-layer fabric that by combining hydrophilic fibers into a fibrous batting core and a thermally conductive lining, will provide cooling after allowing the product to soak in water for 30 seconds to one minute. (Not longer!)

The water activates the cooling process by charging the fibers with moisture and creating an environment for evaporation. When moisture in the batting evaporates, heat is removed and cools the surrounding area, transferring the cooling effect to the wearer.

Depending upon the environment this cooling could last up to 8 hours, and can be recharged again by simply immersing the product in water to restart the cooling process.

Price: $14.95

Price after Memorial Day Weekend discount: $13.46


The EquiVisor® is a sun visor for riding helmets, a modern version of an old idea that was conceived by an innovative West coast rider, Kim Bronson. It’s easy to attach to any helmet and one size fits all styles. With a patented gripper system, it stays securely in place while you ride! Washable for easy care.

Price: $34.95

Price after Memorial Day Weekend discount: $31.46

SmartPak Classic Fly Sheet

Protect your horse from poll to tail this summer with the SmartPak Classic Fly Sheet!

  • Soft polyester fabric is breathable and provides a layer of physical protection to keep the bugs from bothering your horse
  • UV protection in fabric protects your horse from 95% of harmful UV rays when he’s out in the summer sun
  • Stainless steel hardware is designed to last
  • Adjustable surcingles and double surcingle front closure with Velcro ensures your blanket fits snug around your horse
  • Tail cord keeps tail flap from blowing in the wind
  • Oversized tail flap provides additional coverage

Price: $79.95

Price with Memorial Day Weekend discount:$71.96


Swing Out Wash Rack Arm

Think of all the time you’re going to be spending in the wash rack this summer, and how many times you’re going to have to uncoil and recoil that hose. Not only is a hose stretched across the wash stall inconvenient, it can also be dangerous when working around horses.

The Swing Out Wash Rack Arm is a must have for any wash stall. Makes bathing a breeze! Made of steel tubing with silver powdercoat finish. Comes with 25 feet of hose, hose fittings, and spray nozzle.

Price: $129.95

Price with Memorial Day Weekend discount: $116.96

Take advantage of the Memorial Day sale by entering promo code MEM14 at checkout.

Don’t forget that USEF members also save 5% at SmartPak.

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!

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