7 1/2 Times It’s Really Annoying to be an Equestrian

Normally I love my life, I really do, but every once in a while annoying things happen.

1) When the muck wheel barrow tips over.  Just picture yourself as this woman…

but instead of lovely crisp apples spilling everywhere, it is poo…and you have to rake it up AGAIN!


2) When a hay bale comes out of the strings.  Whether they were packed too loosely or just shrink over the winter, every once in a while a few of my bales “melt” when I try and toss them from the stack.  Which makes the whole hay strewn process even more annoying.


2 ½) Speaking of hay bales…what about when you find one full of ants!  That’s always awesome.


3) When your horse is prancing around (and all you want to do is protect his legs so he doesn’t get a boo-boo!) so you soothe and struggle that leg wrap in to place…only to find your wraps have been stored the WRONG WAY.


Handy Wrap Guide 🙂


4) You’ve been grooming all morning.  You just sprayed on your finishing touches (e.g. Show Sheen, Fly Spray) and BLAM! in blows a dusty breeze.


5) Broken. Muck. Rake.


6) What about when you’re lookin’ fancy (i.e. You don’t smell like a horse for once!) as you head out on the town.  You just have to run by the barn real quick…


7) I, literally, do this at least once a week.  I turn on the hose and proceed with my daily chores.  Hark, what is that sound yonder?  ARGH!  It’s the water OVERFLOWING!


7 ½) And then of course there’s always that moment when the horse “overflows” the water trough.


Go Riding!


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