EventionTV: #mindyourmelon

You’ve got a nice brain — don’t let it end up like this watermelon! This week’s episode of Evention smashes every last excuse for not wearing a helmet.

From EventionTV:

#mindyourmelon from Dominic Schramm on Vimeo.

Do you mind your melon? Jenni Autry of Horse Nation’s sister site Eventing Nation issued the following challenge:

If you follow Evention on Facebook — and if you don’t, what are you even doing with your life? — you’ve been seeing the teaser hashtag #mindyourmelon this week. Finally released last night on www.EventionTV.com, the new episode doesn’t disappoint — think Dom Schramm in a Batman costume — and the launch of Evention’s helmet awareness campaign. A slew of well known upper-level riders are getting behind #mindyourmelon, and EN is challenging YOU to get involved too. Here’s how:

1. Watch the video above to see Boyd Martin, Jennie Brannigan, Lauren Kieffer, Buck Davidson, Laine Ashker, Hawley Bennett-Awad, Allison Springer, Sinead Halpin, Meg Kep AND Manoir de Carneville supporting helmet awareness.

2. Snap a selfie of yourself wearing a helmet while doing something cool — think donning your skull cap while dressed as Batman — and post it to social media with the hashtag #mindyourmelon.

3. If you spot a photo of someone you know riding without a helmet, comment with the hashtag #mindyourmelon to show that all the cool kids are wearing helmets.

Eventing Nation has been a longtime advocate of wearing helmets — Every ride, every time! — and I’m issuing a challenge to the entire EN team to support the cause by snapping our own #mindyourmelon selfies. (Yes, John, that means you, too.) Stay tuned as #mindyourmelon and #insanityinthemiddle collide.

Go Helmet Awareness. Go Evention. #mindyourmelon

Evention is produced by Jimmie and Dom Shramm of Schramm Equestrian and filmed by Right Start Photography. Be sure to visit EventionTV.com, where you can view, comment, share and explore videos as well as check out new features and other happenings on Evention. All-new episodes are posted every other Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. EST. Like Evention on Facebook here.



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