Surviving Your Mare’s Heat Cycle in 10 GIFs

Life with a mare can be… interesting. Especially when she comes into heat. Lorraine Jackson shares some survival tactics.

From Lorraine:

It starts with a sophisticated subtlety that only another woman, same species or not, would detect. As if everything were fine, except…

HorseNation Your Mare in Heat

Hrm. That was a little colder than usual…

Then, you notice that even the ancient, submissive, potbellied gelding on the other side of the arena has her full attention.

Horse Nation Your Mare in Heat

She’s going to regret that in the morning.

The “subtle” change in appetite is a sure sign your beloved lady friend will be fighting for the dark side for the next few days.


And if you’re lucky, maybe all that your mare will inflict upon you are some desperate, hollow threats:

HorseNation Your Mare in Heat

Some of you may not be so lucky, and things could escalate a little more quickly.

HorseNation Your Mare in Heat

Citizens of Horse Nation, do yourself a favor. Yes, the big show is coming up, and yes, we all have to put our big girl pants on and go to work when we don’t want to…

HorseNation Your Mare in Heat

But give your gal the day off and let her wallow in her foal-lessness once in awhile.┬áSure, all both of the men at your barn might think you’re nuts, but us gals and our estrogren levels need to stick together.

HorseNation Your Mare in Heat

Consider a spa day laced with peppermints and some tender lovin’ care. Perhaps from a distance.

HorseNationYour Mare in Heat

And just do what you can to remind yourself that the hormonal rage is neither personal nor permanent, and you’ll have your lady goofball back in no time.

Horse Nation Your Mare in Heat

Or, be prepared to face the consequences.

HorseNation Your Mare in Heat

Go Mares.


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